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Give the Gift of  Outdoor Education 

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We are a pioneering community of business owners, caregivers, teachers, and students seeking ways to engage the Northeast Florida community in ventures that embody the full range of holistic and anthroposophical-inspired ideals such as: 

  • Outdoor Education

  • Homeschool Enrichment

  • Waldorf-inspired Learning

  • Community Green Space

  • Biodynamic Gardening 

  • Anthroposophical Studies

  • The Healing Arts

  • Teacher Training and Support


Spring River School

  • K-8 Outdoor Education Program inspired by Waldof Methods of learning

Forest School Homeschool Enrichment Program

Parent Child Classes

Holistic Playgroups

Sophia Circle

  • Anthroposophical study group

High School Initiative 

  • Group of parents and teachers working toward NE Florida's first Waldorf-inspired High School Program for homeschooling families.

Do you have a project or idea you'd like to collaborate on with JEC?  Please let us know.

We sponsor various events throughout the year to support our initiatives and projects such as:

  • Parent Education Evenings at Spring River School

  • Teacher professional development with a focus on Outdoor Waldorf-inspired Learning

  • Community Festivals & Plays

  • Community Dinners in collaboration with Shakti Life Kitchen

  • Participation in Regional and National Anthroposophical Society of America events and presentations.

  • Support for other non-profits such as:

We are seeking Support, Board Members and Volunteers to help us serve the community.


  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Giving 

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