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Our programs represent our mission to engage the Northeast Florida community in initiatives that embody the full range of holistic and anthroposophical-inspired endeavors and related activities.  These include interests in support of Waldorf Education, Waldorf Homeschool Education and Enrichment,  biodynamic gardening and farming, outdoor education, community green spaces, anthroposophical studies, teacher training and professional development, the healing arts, & a variety of related community education and workshops.


Our current active programs include The Spring River School,  the NE Florida Waldorf High School Initiative, the Sophia Circle anthroposophical study group, and a collaborative relationship with the Center for Anthroposophy to bring Building Bridges Waldorf Teacher Training to our area. 


If you have an initiative idea, wish to volunteer, or see a need in the community and want to talk to us about it, we are here to listen.  Just email us at

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